Month: April 2013

April 26, 2013


Great News: You Can Choose:

The Path to Freedom or The Path to Tyranny

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

There is a cacophony of voices in America today asking and answering the question: how do we fix our society? Clearly, the majority of people feel there’s a problem, but the real choices and the consequences of those paths has escaped them, so many are following the crowd down the road to perdition.

April 26, 2013

By Dr. Ted Baehr

Abolition of the family! … The bourgeois family will disappear, in the course [of history] as its supplement [private property] disappears, and both will vanish with the destruction of capital.

  • The Communist Manifesto, Chapter 2, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels.
April 23, 2013

Exclusive: David d’Escoto asks why conservatives continue to turn kids over to the left. Most likely you’ve heard Einstein’s definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Nowhere is this more obvious today than with political and religious conservatives, the so-called right. What do I mean? Next month the right will send millions of their own children to public schools that are literally controlled by the left – meaning that it is only the liberals’ “values,” “morals” and curriculum that are taught in our government schools.

April 23, 2013

By Jerry Newcombe

Terrorism is in the news again as seen in the tragic bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday. This man-made disaster gives a time to reflect on terrorism—as we continue to pray for the victims of the bombing.

By now, we have probably all heard about the infamous slide presented at a US Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief on religious extremism. They had a slide with the title “Religious Extremism.” (The slide is reproduced below).

April 23, 2013

The Naked Communist is a book written in 1958 by conservative United States author and faith-based political theorist Cleon Skousen.

The list of communist goals contained in the book was read into the Congressional Record by U.S. Congressman Albert S. Herlong, Jr. of Florida, on January 10, 1963.

April 23, 2013

William S. Lind

Sometime during the last half-century, someone stole our culture. Just 50 years ago, in the 1950s, America was a great place. It was safe. It was decent. Children got good educations in the public schools. Even blue-collar fathers brought home middle-class incomes, so moms could stay home with the kids. Television shows reflected sound, traditional values.

April 17, 2013

This Friday, April 19, 2013 is the National Day of Silence which is sponsored by the homosexuality-affirming advocacy group, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). GLSEN’s raison dêtre is to transform the moral and political views of our nation’s children through our publicly subsidized government schools. The Day of Silence is GLSEN’s central socio-political tool for achieving that purpose.
GLSEN urges students in high schools and middle schools to refuse to speak for an entire day—including during class—in order to draw attention to the plight of those students who are purportedly silenced and bullied because of their homosexuality or cross-dressing.

April 17, 2013

I am very much aware of the historical continuity extending over four centuries, during which the position of the Church of Scotland has been recognised in constitutional law and confirmed by successive Sovereigns. It sprang from the independence of mind and rigour of thought that have always been such powerful characteristics of the Scottish people, as I have occasion to know. [muted laughter] It has remained close to its roots and has inspired a commitment to service from all people.

April 16, 2013

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

Recently, during all the hubbub over the Supreme Court and same-sex marriage, Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly said Christians and conservatives have to stop “thumping the Bible” on the issue because people won’t be convinced by any arguments using the Bible.

April 15, 2013
April 12, 2013

By Stephen Baskerville
The fight to save marriage, as current being waged, is largely pointless. It simply cannot be won on these terms. If defenders of marriage can let go of their own politically correct fixations and squarely face some harsh but incontrovertible facts, it is still possible to stop the impending destruction of marriage by the courts.

April 3, 2013

Pro-Life Christian Leader Urges High Court, Pres. Obama, and Americans
To End ‘Bigoted Attacks and Lies’ Against Christian Faith & Values

International Pro-Life Christian leader Dr. Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of The Culture Watch, today urged the Supreme Court, others in all levels of government and “all Americans” to end the “bigoted attacks and lies” against Christianity, the Bible, and “traditional Christian values” in public education, the mass media, and the legal system.