Is This the Best We Got?

By Jeff Holder

Is this the best we got?

That’s the nagging thought in the minds of many conservatives as they survey the candidates who want to lead our country. We talk often about “electability” and “lesser of two evils” and “picking the best of the bunch.” And we almost believe it. But deep down inside, we want a strong American conservative leader. Because we hope that he or she could give us our country back.

Our country is suffering from a combination of ills that have never collided historically at the same time. While the Civil War that rages now does not include open combat, our country is very polarized about what defines truth, the role of government, what makes a family, and what’s left to call immoral.

The Great Depression we are experiencing now has been manipulated so we don’t see (or choose to see) the stark parallels to the 1930s. But we each personally know those out of work, losing houses, struggling to survive.

There’s a degradation of morality evidenced by so many indicators: depiction of immorality on TV, movies, graphic porn only a click away, curriculum in schools that promote “alternate lifestyles.” The telling part is that we each can name a dozen indicators of the pagan world in which we live.

Where’s our Lincoln? Where’s our Reagan? Where our Washington? Where’s the leaders that have personal integrity, strong biblical moral convictions, sensible economics, and a willingness to follow the Constitution?

Soon, we will go to polls and vote. We won’t so much vote our conscience as we will pick among the sorry offerings. Our conscience deep down knows that we deserve better than the men and women who have put themselves forward as potential leaders.

In his day, the prophet Hosea spoke loudly to a nation that is not unlike our own in its abandonment of God.

He said, “They set up kings without my consent; they choose princes without my approval.”

Chillingly, who are we putting forth as our leader?

A few lines later, Hosea says, “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.”

Soon, we will go to the polls to vote. But, we know that our prayer closet is truly where we need to reside so that God may hold back the whirlwind that we are actively sowing.

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