Gov’t Study: Obamacare Does Use Taxpayer Money To Fund Abortions

** Gov’t Study:  Obamacare Does Use Taxpayer Money To Fund Abortions

It’s official – contrary to what Pres. Obama and the Democrats promised in 2009 and 2010, a new government report has confirmed that Obamacare, the 2409-page healthcare “reform” bill passed by Democrats without one single Republican vote, will indeed use taxpayer money to fund abortions.

In a recent report to Congress, the Government Accountability Office in the nation’s capitol found that 28 have no laws stopping taxpayer funds going toward abortion.

This directly violates the historic Hyde Amendment, which prohibits abortion funding except in cases of rape or incest. It also violates the president’s own 2010 Executive Order barring the use of federal funds for abortion.

The report proves that Obamacare massively funds abortion on demand.

Abortion is a great evil. It murders innocent little babies. Politicians like Barack Obama who promote abortion are supporting baby killers.

Bible-believing Christians and Jews who truly believe in the sanctity of all human life should rise up now against this great evil.

By the way, Obamacare also makes illegal aliens eligible for government subsidies.

– Sources:  CBN News, 09/16/14.

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