Why Not Gay Marriage?

By David Outten

It’s time to pause the debate about gay marriage and go back to a more primary issue.

It’s even more primary than a debate about homosexuality or sexual immorality in general.

The primary debate is over who sets the standards human behavior is to be judged by.

You have two choices, God or man.

If God doesn’t set absolute moral standards there really aren’t any. There are only shifting human opinions.

Without God morality is what a majority, or even a minority with power, wishes to consider moral. Fascists and Communists considered it moral to engage in mass exterminations. People we consider terrorists believe it’s moral to behead journalists and even children. Without an absolute God-given moral code a terrorist has every right to define morality as he wishes — he can blow up Chicago.

If God determined for all time what’s right and wrong then citizens can hold their government accountable to God’s standards. This was the justification for the American Revolution. Those who are determined to uphold God’s standards defend America against the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Islamic Jihadists. The recognition of, and adherence to, God’s moral code is key to maintaining freedom, safety and prosperity.

All of God’s moral standards are for man’s benefit. They work like this, “Live by God’s moral standards and prosper, reject God’s standards and suffer severe consequences.” God basically says, “Take your pick. You can choose health, prosperity and safety or disease, poverty and fear.”

Consider the facts of life — the scientific proof of God’s wisdom. Those who save sex for marriage have almost no risk of venereal disease. Children raised by both parents in a faithful marriage live in much greater prosperity than those who aren’t.  Approximately one in every four homosexual has AIDS. Behavior that God discourages clearly results in far greater need for police, courts, prisons and welfare.

As a nation, both Liberals and Conservatives, we cherish God’s laws regarding murder and theft. Americans don’t like communities where they feel unsafe. Both Republicans and Democrats are appalled at the sight of looting and property destruction.

Murder and theft are not immoral if there is no God. Look at the animal kingdom. It’s all about killing and taking. It’s survival of the fittest. Without God, that’s what human life is. Without God’s law the holocaust was no more immoral than a lion attacking a young gazelle. Hitler was just showing himself to be king of the European jungle.

So, if God’s opposition to murder and theft is beneficial, what about his opposition to all sex outside of marriage? Did God make a mistake? Are we smarter than God in this one area?

There are two sets of consequences to God’s law. First, there are earthy rewards and punishments. Second, there are eternal rewards an punishments.

Because God has given each man and women a period of time on earth to choose between right and wrong the world has seen astounding evil. Many horrible choices have resulted in unspeakable torture and killing. But, this life is just preparation for eternity. Those who’ve done evil, without accepting God’s plan for forgiveness, are in for a horrible eternity. Those who seek God, receive forgiveness, and strive to obey Him, will receive eternal reward.

Now, let’s return to the acceptability of gay marriage. Is it to be determined by public opinion? Should gay marriage become legally recognized when the American people decide to support it, or should we consider God’s instructions?

Those who look to the Bible to find God’s wisdom will discover that all sex outside of marriage is evil. Gay or straight, young or old, black or white, the same rules apply. Adultery, fornication, sodomy, and even lust itself, is condemned as evil. All such behavior falls in the category of “you won’t like the consequences.”

The Bible clearly defines marriage to be between a man and a woman — no grey areas. Within these bounds sex is a wonderful creation of God. It results not only in tremendous physical pleasure, but in children. As God designed life to be, children and grandchildren are some of the greatest blessings you’ll ever experience. Marriage and family, experienced as God intended, offers incomparable happiness and fulfillment. Through this sacred arrangement children learn how to be blessed by God.

To cheapen sex to a one-night stands, declare fathers unnecessary or to declare as marriages relationships that can never bear children, is rebellion. It’s an invitation to horrible consequences.

Even many professing Christians now have a favorable opinion of gay marriage. To do so they must have an unfavorable opinion of God’s wisdom. God has given everyone the free will to hold the opinions of their choice, but you’d have to be blind not to see the horrible consequences of endorsing adultery, fornication, sodomy and lust.

Our terrifying national debt can clearly be explained by rejection of God’s wisdom. The sexual revolution has been extremely costly. Unless it’s reversed the costs will only continue to grow. The danger of a massive economic collapse is very real. The only hope for avoiding disaster is a profound revival of respect for all of God’s wisdom. A switch from negative consequences and positive consequences would be wonderful to behold. It’s really America’s only hope to avert disaster.

We can debate gay marriage. We can debate whether or not to obey God.

What’s not up for debate is the fact we will reap the consequences of our choice.

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