by Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Many R-rated movies have sexually explicit material in them. What was once reserved for pornographic magazines is now on the huge silver screen. When viewers are repeatedly subjected to pornography or even sexually explicit R-rated movies, detrimental results can occur in a persons sexuality and marriage. The following shocking article demonstrates that homosexuality and pornography are close bed fellows. Pornography does more than degrade women. It can condition men to accept homosexual behaviors. Hence, with a surge in sexually explicit images in R-rated movies, this article is a sounding call for discerning viewing. This article should be for adult reading only. Dr. Judith Reisman is the author of the excellent and extremely important books: Kinsey, Sex & Fraud and Soft Porn Plays Hardball.


A few weeks ago, a young female soldier who often helps with my research, brought a male colleague to help move my steel filing cabinets into a larger space. Later, over coffee, the young male officer politely asked how my research had led me to conclude that Playboy and all other pornography is homosexual? I spent about an hour answering his questions as to why, after twenty years of research, I finally understood what I had read years ago by a liberal philosopher, that all pornography is inherently homosexual. The next morning the female officer phoned and cheerily reported that at sunrise, she found the barracks dumpster filled with Playboys and similar magazines. When she asked her male officer friend what he had said to the men in his unit, he told her the following story.

The officer candidly pointed out the obvious to his buddies: when they were boys, viewing pornography led them to a pattern of same sex experience – sex with themselves, conditioning them physiologically to male sexual touch. When the young officer said this out loud, his friends seemed to silently consider the unforeseen consequences of their naïve, youthful conduct. By morning, apparently repelled by some new insights he had given them, the soldiers had filled the dumpster with Playboy, Penthouse, all kinds of pornography.

Pornography, he said, converts real people into myths with words and images. The females of pornography are made inanimate, non-human, each a painted composite of thousands of images created by a male cadre which sells its autocratic products to millions of boys and men. Pornographic words and images repeatedly teach the viewer that women enjoy sodomy, homosexual sex and that “real” women want nothing more in life than to sexually please males by engaging in what were once understood to be deviant homosexual practices.

Pornography is at the core of sexual harassment, he said. By lying with images that make women into pseudo-animals, men think they can do and say anything to real women. Although human women, unlike dogs, never go into “heat” (estrus), women and girls are bent, turned, eye pupils dilated, intimate body parts and lips colored, to imitate primate females in “heat.” Vulnerable boys see these airbrushed, naked women “in heat” and wonder if that is really what women want? Everywhere these naked girls and women wink and call for “sex” with everyone out there. These smiling paper dolls promise everything, but they deliver nothing more than a man or boy can do for himself. The women in our lives, now and later, he warned, too often end up paying for the frustration, rage and betrayal of men toward women, after using pornography.
Pornography is degenerative and heterophobic as it stimulates fear, disrespect and not infrequently, hatred of the opposite sex. For sex which is part of women’s drive for intimacy, love, monogamy, fidelity, privacy, children, marriage, and growing old together with her mate is generative and heterophilic.

The young officer went on: You finally get past looking all the time for a “paint by numbers” wife, and you fall in love. She trusts you and thinks you want her only, and forever. Your wife wants affection, hugging and kissing. She wants to see your face, your eyes, your soul, when you are intimate but soon you are asking her to do the things you saw in pornography, to try one sodomy then the other, to watch pornography “together” to do things “real women” in pornography do. What you ask is for her to have sex like a homosexual guy. We get angry at our wives for sensing how degrading are such homosexual sex acts. We are angry our wives don’t look and act like the paper dolls we’ve used and controlled. We too often end up divorced, our children abandoned.

Our wives don’t know what is wrong, and neither do we. The seeds of destruction were sown so long ago that answers today are hard to find. Sometimes we go to church or read so-called religious sexual or marriage aid books that say breathe life into marriage with sodomy, “variety” or “erotic stories and sexy pictures (pornography), but again we gradually separate more from one another. So our wives, to save our marriages, try to please us. But, pornography sets up a no-win situation for all involved. The more our wives do the sexy weird things the less respect we have for them. And, if our wives don’t do the sexy weird things, we blame them. (PS: And, how many men seduce boys into homosexuality using these “girlie” magazines?)
It is ironic. Until Kinsey and Hefner in the 1950s, men looked to women for guidance in the more intimate matters of family life in the USA. By 1996, men have taken the lead, replacing intimacy with the homosexual values and practices learned in pornography and instead of the stronger more satisfying sexuality and marriages promised, sexual dysfunction and divorce in America are skyrocketing. Something is wrong with these pictures, he concluded. Bottom line: Playboy’s are men. It takes a real man to be a husband and a father to make one woman, his wife, happy for a lifetime. End of story!

This young officer did his fellows a great service by alerting them to the perils of pornography. The fact that all pornography is homosexual can be understood by objectively reflecting on an analysis of its value system. Following are 50 key sociosexual values, extracted from public policy speeches and statements.

** EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this analysis is fairly explicit, we have excluded the list of 50 key sociosexual values from this article. However, if you would like a copy of the article in its entirety, please call or write to MOVIEGUIDE. **
Measuring the “fit” between the three above value systems (values and practices) yields an objective, 100% pornography/homosexual “fit” among all 50 values, a linking of fear, shame and genital sensation, commonly triggering image and fantasy dependency. If mislabeled as “sexual arousal” (as too many people tragically know), pornography can lead to sexual dysfunctions/addictions which destroy one’s ability to experience love and normal sexual expression.

Pornography, in word and image, is a pedagogical tool teaching boys and men to view women as sinister, unfaithful, trivialized entertainment and inherently to accept homosexual values and practices. All pornography weakens the love experience, thus all pornography saps love of its unique power to employ the sexual experience to strengthen and unify husband wife as they face adversity.

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