The Real Party of No

By Dr. Tom Snyder

So, now that President Obama has seen his approval ratings plunge into the low 40s, he and his left-wing cronies in the Democratic Party are stepping up their slanderous attacks on the opposition party and its more conservative leadership, saying that the Republicans are the “Party of No.”

Well, two can play that game. Here are some facts about the real party of no, the Democratic Party.

The Democrats and their party have said, “No,” to the following items:

1.     No to massive tax cuts to create jobs

2.     No to massive spending cuts to revive the economy

3.     No to school choice

4.     No to entitlement reform

5.     No to Permanent Medical Savings Accounts

6.     No to insurance deductions

7.     No to prayer in school

8.     No to stopping the abortion torture/murder of little babies

9.     No to proper phonics instruction at all schools

10.  No to teacher merit pay

11.  No to stopping pornography

12.  No to enforcing all the immigration laws

13.  No abstinence education

14.  No to drilling for oil throughout the United States

15.  No to the War on Terror

16.  No to completing the fence on the southern border

17.  No to sending 20,000 or more troops to the southern border to stop illegal immigration

Etc, etc. etc.

President Obama says Republicans and conservative have no answers to the problems America faces. Yet he and his party have rejected all the above proposals and Republican, conservative bills like Sen. Jim DeMint’s healthcare reform bill.

Until the Democrats start supporting the vast majority of these most excellent proposals, the American people should just refuse to listen to them anymore.

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One Comment

  1. Trejan Treat
    September 16, 2012

    I do not approve of this. You, GOP, will be eliminated. You call US the party of no? Then why hasn’t Romney released more than 2 years of tax returns he allegedly paid 13% of? Huh? And who gives a damn if pornography still exists in the next 50 years? Huh? It should be considered an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT, like everything else on your list. Not a requirement.

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