By Dr. Ted Baehr

Once upon a time, I had the opportunity to teach in Salem, Mass., made famous centuries ago by its witch trials. Twenty years ago, the town government of Salem decided that they would trumpet witchcraft to promote tourism. Now, Salem celebrates Halloween for more than a month. Some famous churches have been converted into museums and amusements of horror and fright. Other churches have been converted into wiccan, Goth and necromancer places of worship. (The wiccans, by the way, do not like the necromancers because they need to kill to worship death.) The governor of Massachusetts has even named the state’s official witch.

Just before I arrived, a group of Ugandans had traveled to Salem, ostensibly to thank the people of Salem because the first missionaries had gone out from Salem to Africa aboard the famous Gloucester schooners centuries ago. When the Ugandans arrived, they found that Salem was more pagan than anything they had experienced in Africa. The Ugandans have now decided to pray for Salem and send evangelists.

Several things come to mind, seeing this sad spectacle of people who dress in costumes of ugliness to celebrate religions that seek personal power and edification. The first is of course the amount of ugliness. The second is the debauchery and carousing at all hours of the night. The third is the suicides from disappointment when spells and curses don’t work. The fourth is the impoverishment of witchcraft, or as the Bible says, “the fruitless works of darkness.” If these psychics and witches are so prescient, why are they so impoverished? Think about it. Look at a street corner psychic. Their places look pathetic, yet they are supposed to know the future. Fifth, it shows our preoccupation with the occult. One demographer has predicted that in the future America will be occult.

All this paganization has happened because Christians have allowed it to happen. Christians have not presented these people with the Truth that would set them free from the bondage of evil and the fruitless works of darkness. Instead, they have treated harmless things which God abhors, even in the mass media of entertainment, and the church that has done this is not just the liberal, dead and dying church but the evangelical church, which has forgotten not only the Ten Commandments, the admonitions against false gods, but also the reasons for the admonitions against witchcraft, spiritism and the occult.

If people die and go to perdition, if people struggle to barely survive the fruitless works of darkness, it is because too many Christians have failed to help them understand the truth that will set them free.

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  1. Bradley Laing
    August 27, 2013

    Satan, Lord of Darkness has had a great triumph during the 20th century. His greatest creation was Dr. Edward Teller. Satan finds Wiccans as boring. Their traffic tickets are more important than their attempts at white magic.

    Edward Teller is Satans’ greatest creation.

  2. Bradley Laing
    September 2, 2013

    1.) “necromancing” does not work. Also, trying to figure out how to beat roulette wheels does not work. For the same reason. The laws of physics.

    2.) Satan’s greatest creation was Dr. Edward Teller. “necromancers” are so far down the list of his concerns, putting gum under the lunch counter is ahead of “necromancing” on his list.

    3.)Edward Teller was Satan’s greatest creation.

  3. Bradley Laing
    September 2, 2013

    he concept of the thermonuclear weapon was first developed and used in 1952 and has since been used in most of the world’s nuclear weapons.[2] The modern design of all thermonuclear weapons in the United States is known as the Teller-Ulam design for its two chief contributors, Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam, who developed it in 1951 for the U.S., with certain concepts developed with the contribution of John von Neumann. The first test of a hydrogen bomb prototype was the “Ivy Mike” nuclear test in 1952, conducted by the United States. The first ready-to-use thermonuclear bomb “RDS-6s” (“Joe 4”) was tested on August 12, 1953, in the Soviet Union. Similar devices were developed by the United Kingdom, China, and France, though no specific code names are known for their designs.

  4. Bradley Laing
    September 3, 2013

    1.) NECROMANACY DOES NOT WORK. The laws of physics prevent it from working.

    2.) Satan does not care about necromancers.

    3.) Satan’s greatest creation was Dr. Edward Teller. His second grastest creatioon was the Castle Bravo aboveground nuclear test.

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