Stupid Is as Stupid Does

Christians and Conservatives Are Not the Ones Being Really Stupid and Ignorant

By Dr. Tom Snyder with Dr. Ted Baehr

Still basking in the joy of Resurrection Day (or “Easter” to those of you who don’t know that the Vicarious Atonement, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the real reason for the current holy season), it strikes us how often atheists, alleged skeptics, liberals, leftists, fascists, Neo-Marxists, and other pseudo-intellectual elitists like to malign Christians and conservatives for being stupid and ignorant.

One of the most common, but dishonest and disingenuous, ploys of these Anti-Christian bigots is to take a fringe group (like the tiny militia members the FBI arrested in late March) and lay the blame at the feet of Christianity or conservatives.

It’s important to note, however, that these kinds of malicious, lamebrain labels are coming from people who believe that Mozart and Moses descended from monkeys and that increasing taxes and spending and re-distributing wealth will create jobs and prosperity in the private sector and not just the government.

Of course, we can all agree that Christians and conservatives, not to mention Republicans, are not completely immune from stupidity and ignorance. Or even prejudice and bigotry.

But, thousands of years of history, experience, research, objective science, and rational thought clearly demonstrate that Christian and conservative thinkers are among the most intelligent, insightful, and reliable thinkers in history.

Especially when compared to what passes for “intelligent” thought among today’s atheists, evolution “scientists,” skeptics, and leftists.

Top Christian and conservative scholars, scientists, philosophers, and thinkers like St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, John Calvin, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Edmund Burke, Simon Greenleaf, John W. Haley, G.K. Chesterton, J. Gresham Machen, Oswald T. Allis, C.S. Lewis, F.F. Bruce, Gleason Archer, Mortimer Adler, Bruce Metzger, Russell Kirk, Ronald Nash, Paul Johnson, Stuart C. Hackett, Alvin Plantinga, Norman Geisler, Gary Habermas, Stanley Jaki, Stuart C. Hackett, Walter C. Kaiser, J.P. Moreland, William Lane Craig, Edwin Yamauchi, Vern S. Poythress, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Sowell, Mark Levin, Gary Del Mar, and a whole host of others have marshaled countless reams of logical arguments, factual evidence, scientific evidence, historical evidence, and biblical commentary refuting the mistaken beliefs, false claims, phony science, and outrageous slander of atheists, skeptics, leftists, and other pseudo-intellectuals.

The arguments, evidence, essays, and commentaries by these Christians and conservatives have proven, beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt, the following basic truths:

1) Jesus Christ died for all of our sins and rose from the dead, 2) Jesus is the God/Man who delivers us from all sin and evil, 3) The Bible is completely true, 4) God is still working miracles through His people, 5) Naturalistic evolution is completely false, 6) A social welfare state run by government bureaucrats is not what God intends for the human race, and 7) People ultimately should look to God through Jesus Christ and not to government for their help, healing, salvation, and protection.

The documents written by these wonderful Christians and conservatives are easily accessible to every concerned citizen, as is the Bible, so there really is no excuse whatsoever for not accepting the basic premises and conclusions of the Bible and the basic divine truths that these highly intelligent Christians and conservatives have uncovered and confirmed.

The self-proclaimed “journalists” in the national and international “news” media and our self-proclaimed social, political, cultural, and religious leaders better start paying attention, therefore, to what the Bible says and stop calling slandering and smearing Christian and conservative groups and leaders by calling them stupid or ignorant.

The answers to our basic questions about God and His universe have been answered. There is still more to learn, of course, but we are proud to be counted with the Christian and conservative scholars, pundits, and activists fighting for God’s Truth. And, we are proud to proclaim ourselves absolutely, 100% committed to the biblical truths that God has revealed to us through His Word.

As the mother says in the Tom Hanks movie FORREST GUMP, stupid is as stupid does. It doesn’t take a genius, therefore, to know that much of what the atheists, the leftists, and the other anti-biblical God deniers are saying and doing is the real stupidity and ignorance that is blinding the eyes of the human race and destroying the United States and the world, including millions of people and millions of defenseless unborn children.

Please deliver us from their evil and deception, Lord, so that we may be free to serve You better. Amen.

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  1. Apatheistic Heathen
    January 1, 2011

    “It’s important to note, however, that these kinds of malicious, lamebrain labels are coming from people who believe that Mozart and Moses descended from monkeys…” Try fact checking before spouting out false information in an article about how stupid other people are…the Theory (THEORY, not fact, THEORY) of Evolution is that humans and “monkeys” evolved from a COMMON ANCESTOR. On a side note, is believing a theory based on current scientific research any more ridiculous than believing in the “Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ”?

    Anyways, “the arguments, evidence, essays, and commentaries by these Christians and conservatives have proven, beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt…” that if you have faith and a strong enough cognitive bias, anything can be true. Show me this “evidence”…make me a believer! If you can prove everything you’ve claimed to me “beyond a reasonable shadow of doubt,” I will gladly adopt your faith…because I’m not pretentious enough to claim my opinions are truth or that the people with similar views as me are more “intelligent, insightful, and reliable” than people who’s views oppose mine. Talk, and I will listen, because I won’t dismiss an idea just because I like what a different idea is saying better (hence my status as an apatheist/agnostic). I’m entirely serious…teach me. I’ll wait, if I have to!

  2. tom
    March 7, 2014

    There is no evidence for ape to human evolution, or macro-evolution as it’s sometimes called (Darwinists are often extremely unclear by what they mean evolution). The website is a good place to start, and, according to that website, evidence now indeed confirms that modern humans originated in the Middle East, not Africa, just as the Bible suggests in Genesis.

    Also, the evidence for the death and resurrection of Jesus has been confirmed by much historical research, as noted in this article here –

    Atheism as a philosophy is inherently irrational, contra-factual, and amoral, if not immoral. There is no reason to believe it or its cousins, anti-theism and agnosticism.

  3. December 26, 2015

    I agree. So many people seem to beeilve that evolution theory is a proven fact and not just a theory. We Christians need to share with the world how we are being brain washed. Great to hear from you Darlene.

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