Study Shows Children of Same-Sex Couples Fare Poorly

A study has found that children of same-sex couples are more likely to be raped, consider suicide, suffer mental problems, engage in premarital sex, and be unemployed, according to a University of Texas study of 3,000 young adult children of homosexual parents, published by the journal Social Science Research.

The New Family Structures Study found that 5% of those with married heterosexual parents had considered suicide compared to 12% of adult children with lesbian parents and 24% with homosexual fathers.

Also, just 8% of those with married parents had ever been forced to have sexual relations against their will, compared to 31% with lesbian mothers and 25% of homosexual fathers.

In addition, the study found that only 8% of young adult children with married heterosexual parents were in therapy compared to 19% of children with lesbian or male homosexual parents. Three times as many young adults of lesbian parents than married heterosexual parents were currently living together, 24% compared to 9%.

Finally, young adult children of lesbian parents were four times more likely to be on welfare and three and one-half times more likely to be unemployed.

– Source:Ā  Mike McManus, Marriage Savers, 06/13/12.

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