Secular Press Finally Agrees Pornography Harmful

While the Christian and conservative press have been issuing the clarion call that pornography is harmful, the secular and liberal press has failed to catch up until now:

The New York Times writes about women addicted to pornography – it turns out no one is safe from the ravages of pornography.

Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast carries an article about the violent home life of top porn star Jenna Jameson and the poverty ex-porn stars suffer.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has an opinion piece that could have been written by Dr. James Dobson, but it wasn’t. Here is something from the piece:

“Frequent porn viewing tends to stoke aggression:  a 2007 study found that 88 percent of 50 best-selling adult videos contain physical violence. For some men, porn is a slippery slope to child pornography – the subject of 116,000 online searches every day.”

– Source:, 05/07/10.

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