Oliver Stone Says US Should Nationalize Oil Industry

Like a good little Communist blockhead, Academy Award-winning director of JFK and BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY and left-wing activist Oliver Stone believes the Gulf of Mexico oil spill demonstrates the U.S. should emulate South American socialists in nationalizing its energy industry.

Yep, Fidel on left and Stone on right (well, in the picture anyway)

Stone told British journalists that natural resources like oil “belong to the people.” In his opinion, the catastrophic oil spill is simply “typical” of what occurs when private industry is permitted to draw revenue on what should be a public good.

What Stone forgets is that government control is no guarantee either. In fact, pollution in Communist countries like the old Soviet Union and the current controlled economy run by the Communist Party in China was and is worse than the United States.

The director was recently in London promoting his documentary SOUTH OF THE BORDER about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and his radical socialist allies in Latin America.

At a press conference, Stone mused about the possibility of making a film about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

“That’s a hot potato for me,” Stone said. “Obviously, he’s got bad press in the West.”

– Source:  Fox News, 07/20/10.

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