Mendacity and Perfidy

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

The news media, whether consciously or unconsciously, by commission or omission, has supported the transformation of the United States from the Land of Freedom to the Land of Socialist Tyranny.

As Paul Johnson points out in his classic work MODERN TIMES bout the 20th Century, the sea change in the intellectual community occurred in the 1930s when the press was supporting Joseph Stalin, who was killing millions of peasants and farmers in the name of Marxist, socialist communism. When Stalin opposed Hitler, who was doing his worst in Germany too, the press opposed Hitler. When Stalin switched and signed a treaty with Hitler, Duranty at the New York Times and other communists elsewhere supported the fascist communist axis until Hitler invaded Russia, and they flipped back again, calling for the United States to support Russia at all costs. In fact, the United States ended up giving more aid to Russia than it did to Great Britain!

In our own day and age, the press has not only whitewashed but commended heinous acts of the government such as: the IRS scandal, the lies about the 2012 murder of four Americans in Benghazi in Libya, ATF “Fast and Furious,” Sebelius demands payment, Solyndra, and I’ll pass my own laws. Now with the surge of illegal aliens and drug dealers, including thousands of unaccompanied children, at America’s southern border, the press has either taken the tack that this is a humanitarian cause or that the President was ignorant of the situation. In the first instance, the media falls into the hands of the Marxist socialists like Cloward and Piven who think the best way to destroy the United States is to appeal to the kindness of the Christian American base to such a degree that the country in bankrupted. In the second instance, the media lets the President and his minions publicly deny all responsibility, something that Hitler and Stalin did frequently. Either tactic is either an amazing act of mendacity (deceit) or perfidy (treachery and disloyalty).

What’s happening in the current border snafu is quite plain, however.

What prompted this new border invasion the President ordering the federal government not to deny immigrant children residence in the U.S. and even government funding. He aided this action with extensive pre-planning by giving charities millions of dollars to house and teach these children, some of whom are gang members in their late teenage years. This follows the Cloward and Piven goal of bankrupting the social welfare system and the federal budget. Then, if there’s a strong enough reaction against this goal, then the President can call for tyrannical controls and even more consolidation of power, including getting rid of his enemies through legislative devices such as IRS regulations or The Justice Department’s “Operation Choke Point”, which kills off any business that opposes his imperial reign.

It’s interesting that some of the people who’ve been speaking up against the President’s policies regarding the southern border are the homeless. They and other poor people are asking why they haven’t gotten homes while these illegal immigrants who’ve broken the law are getting homes. Also complaining are some towns and communities headed up by liberal potentates who don’t want the tax flow being redirected from their smarmy pockets into the federal government.

The answer to all this mendacity and perfidy is to always proclaim the Truth that sets men and women free. The Truth starts with the facts in spite of the deluge of misinformation from the useful idiots in the press. It continues onward to the Ultimate Truth, which is Jesus Christ, who sets us free from bondage to our personal addictions as well as bondage to tyrannical idolatry.

One of the best expressions of a sound immigrant policy was Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy said we want people to be part of this great country, but we must always teach them what it means to be an American. The beginning of that education means teaching them that freedom only begins with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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