Destroying the Future

Destroying the Future:

The Satanic Roots of Modern Attacks on the Family and Children

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher

Whether or not we believe in the real Adversary, once named Lucifer, which many people in the younger generations do according to polling organizations, one of the threats of the “Adversary” in he Bible was to destroy the future, in particular “the seed” or future generations.

The Heritage Foundation has just come out with a report that the Cultural Marxism of the 1960s is an ideology of death, death to motherhood, death to babies, death to true sexuality, death to everything that gives you a hope and a future.

As one imam recently said, Islam is a religion of death, but Christianity is a religion of life.

So, whether out of an ideological, religious or selfish motive, too many people bought into the theology of death.

Of course, that’s not true of everyone. Many friends and loved ones felt themselves attacked by the Culture of Death.

However, too many wake up too late to find out that they’re all alone, with no future, no hope and no love.

Many have said I married someone who didn’t want children, or I decided I didn’t want to get married, or I decided to the dead end of short-lived solipsistic sexuality.

Interviews and studies are replete with people saying they woke up later to find out that their choice had left them empty, lost and heartbroken. Articles about people who have gone through sex changes says that they realized too late that they could never change who they were and they had phantom body part memories that haunted them constantly.

So, whether you attribute it to the Adversary who wanted to destroy the seed and the future of man, or Culture Marxism, or Islam, or myopic selfishness, there is a Demographic Winter that is spelling the end of not just individual families and future generations, but for whole demographic groups such as Italy, Belgium and most of the other Western European countries.

In the midst of this, there is hope.

Jesus stands at the door of your heart to offer life and life more abundantly (John 10:10).

You can turn to him at any age and get a glorious future, which is more wonderful than anything your distorted desires could have hoped.

We know this is true because we’ve experienced the transformation that comes from accepting Jesus as our Divine Savior and because we have wonderful loving families and friends, and a future and a hope.

Finally, we know this is true because, as theologian Karl Barth said, the Bible told me so..

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