An Open Letter to General Mills

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Ken Powell
General Mills, Inc.
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Minneapolis, MN 55440

Dear Ken,

As a former LSA at the U.S. Attorney’s Office SDNY and publisher of MOVIEGUIDE(r) which reaches millions, I am appalled at your insensitivity, bigotry and antagonism to faith and values when you opposed preserving marriage as the union of one man and one woman in Minnesota. In spite of the fact that you will get the support of the anti-faith bullies who have attacked faith and values, you will lose the support of millions who support the natural family by excluding them in such a misguided manner.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are only 111,033 same-sex households in America with children under age 18 who are living in the household. By contrast, there are over 35 million households with children under age 18, whom you have now excluded.

Almost at the same time as you attacked the natural family, the journal of Social Science Research reported the New Family Structures Study, led by Mark Regnerus at the University of Texas at Austin, which found that children raised by homosexual parents are dramatically more likely than peers raised by married heterosexual parents to suffer from a host of social problems.

Among them are strong tendencies, as adults, to exhibit poor impulse control; suffer from depression and thoughts of suicide; need mental health therapy; be unfaithful to partners; contract sexually transmitted diseases; be sexually molested; have lower income levels; drink to get drunk; and smoke tobacco and marijuana.

It must be emphasized that marriage between one man and one woman is a God ordained, God defined, biblical act. For 1800 years in western countries, marriage was a unique institution, initiated by God when he created the male and female, presided over by Jesus Christ when he blessed the act of marriage and stated that a man and a woman would leave their parents and join together to become one flesh, and sustained by the Holy Spirit who not only holds the marriage together but also produces the offspring that God creates.

The norm in most other religions is not monogamy, although many have borrowed the form of a Christian wedding. Moreover, the state’s involvement in Christian marriage is relatively recent.

In 1837, the Rev. Henry Morris complained that the state had usurped the authority of God in marriage. Norris railed against the passage of a law on marriage by providing a detailed look at the institution of marriage. He painstakingly exegeted the scriptures in establishing his point that marriage is most importantly a religious institution, and therefore it should not be relegated to a strictly civil character:

“They took from the Clergy ‘the solemnizing of Matrimony, and put it into the hands of Justices of the Peace. . . .’ In the former instance of this desecration being ordained, the power to legislate had been seized by those who would be restrained in nothing that they imagined to do; and, in a day specified in their ordinance, ‘no other marriage whatsoever within the Commonwealth,’ but such as should be contracted. . . before a Justice of the Peace, ‘should be held or accounted a marriage according to the law of England.’ But the national principle is not yet sufficiently prostrated to make us again ripe for so arbitrary and irreligious an imposition, and therefore, by the law just come in force, you are left to form your own judgments, whether marriage is a mere civil contract, or a Divine institution ‘whether it shall be celebrated with or without any offices of religion’ whether the Church, the Conventicle, or the Register-office, shall be the place of celebration and whether the Clergyman of the Parish, the Dissenting Teacher, or the superintendent Registrar, shall officiate on the occasion.”

The Rev. Norris adds that the biblical position is that only God ordains marriage. So, in the light of history and God’s Word written, the judges in Massachusetts, California or any other state or federal court have nothing to say about Christian marriage and have no authority to define, ordain or desecrate it.

The Rev. Norris brilliantly continues in his sermon:

“by the “state of matrimony the spiritual marriage that is betwixt Christ and His Church is signified and represented. . . .”

“But that ‘the fruitful vine’. . . is not procurable by a civil contract, it cometh only of the Lord.”

The mission statement of General Mills says that you are “socially responsible.” You have violated that mission statement by standing against the faith and values of millions in our society.

Your siding with those who attack faith and values should be made known to all. Millions will realize that they cannot buy General Mills products without undermining our future and without augmenting demographic winter.

By attacking the foundation of society, you have made my purchasing decisions easier.


Ted Baehr

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