Nobody Knows My Name

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I had a rough childhood. My dad died before I was born and my mom died shortly after my birth. The truth is, no one really wanted me, but initially my uncle said he would take me into his home. He made it plain, however, that he would never treat me as his son.

My uncle was not a bad man per se but life under him was hard. I was way too young when he sent me out to herd his camels and sheep. I often cried myself to sleep because I felt so hungry, cold and lonely.

If you think my lousy childhood was tough enough, wait until you hear about my seizures. I was around 12-years-old the first time it happened. I was watching the camels when, out of the blue, I heard bells ringing in my ears. Everything began to spin around me and I fell down. My body began to shake, twitch, and jerk. I moaned like a camel and spit ran out of my mouth. I remember seeing lights and heavenly beings visiting me and talking to me.

I was really scared and did not tell anyone for a long time. Everyone knew that the evil jinn would sometimes take possession of a man and throw him down. I worried for many years that they had possessed me.

Due to my sad childhood, I was a loner. When I was not watching the stupid camels of my uncle, I would explore the caves in the hills around me. One day I was in a cave when once again the jinn came upon me, but this time it was di erent. While twitching on the ground, all of a sud- den, the daughters of Allah appeared to me. But, I must not go into this experience as it still scares me.

When I became a young man, I learned much from other herders. They would tell me all kinds of pretty stories. I also heard some of them growing up in my uncle’s house. Many of them came from far away places and spoke of strange beings and even stranger events. I would later write down many of these pretty stories so other people would hear them too.

I remember the story of how Jews were changed into monkeys, pigs, and rats. It has always been a favorite one. That Adam was 90 feet tall cannot be denied. Satan lives in the nose and must be pushed out by water each time before prayers. Camel urine is a good medicine.

One day while herding the camels, I met an older woman who was rich. She took a liking to me and one day asked me to marry her. She was my first lover and wife. I will never forget her no matter how many other wives and lovers I have.

At first, I did not tell her about my seizures and the beings who appeared to me. I was too embarrassed, but the seizures grew stronger and more frequent. I became so depressed that I decided to kill myself. The shame of being possessed by jinn was too much to bear.

I tried to kill myself three times but lost my nerve each time. I finally broke down and told my wife about it. She convinced me that good people don’t get possessed. Since I was a good man, I was not possessed by the jinn. She literally saved my life.

This is when my life changed in a marvelous way. She had noticed a large black hairy mole on my back. She said that it was the “seal” of prophethood. When you combine the mole on my back with the seizures, this meant that I was a prophet! I did not have to be ashamed of my seizures or hide my mole. Instead, I should preach the messages that were given to me while in a seizure.

For over 20 years, I have not lost sight of the seal of prophethood on my back or the visitations of heavenly beings. No one else has ever seen these beings or heard them speak. Even though my youngest wife, whom I married when she was six years old, begged to see them, they would only reveal themselves to me.

The heavenly beings have guided me to great things. We raided small caravans at rst and saw how easy it was to kill the men and take their women and children as slaves. When my cousins heard about the easy money and the slaves, they joined my new religion. Then, we attacked small villages and looted them. As our custom, I would publicly rape the wife of the headman in his sight so he would know before he died that everything he owned was now my property.

As we grew in strength, I heard about a Jewish town that was full of gold and silver. It surprised me that they actually believed my promise that if they surrendered their wealth to me I would let them go without harm. Once they surrendered, we lined up the men and beheaded them all.

I was later told that we killed at least 1,200 Jews that day. The women, the boys, and girls were rst raped and then divided up with the rest of the loot. Some of them were sold off and some were kept as sex slaves. I kept the wife of the headman of that Jewish tribe in my harem. She, like a Christian sex slave named Mary, never accepted me as a prophet.

Now, don’t think that we won every battle. I remember one fateful battle in which I was struck on my face by a sword and still bear the scar to this day. I had told everyone that we would win, but we lost badly that day and if my friends had not rescued me at the last moment, I would not be here today.

When my army was strong enough, I decided to conquer my home city, but I knew that in order to avoid a great deal of bloodshed, I needed to trick them into opening the gates to me. So I asked them for permission to join them in the worship rituals of our fathers at the Kabah. They said that we could enter the city to worship with them if we came in unarmed. Of course, I never intended to keep my word. As soon as we were inside, we pulled out our swords and took the city without a great deal of bloodshed.

Not that I did not take my revenge against some people. My old secretary once believed in me, but one day he ran away. He had the nerve to tell people that my messages did not come down from heaven because he changed the wording and grammar of those messages. I had his tongue and his eyes cut out before he was put to death. He got what he deserved. It was there and then I decided that anyone who leaves my religion must die.

There was also the daughter of some old poet. She claimed that I had stolen some of her father’s poems and pretended they were messages from heaven. She even mocked me with poems of her own. I enjoyed her screams for mercy as she died.

It was also at this time that I decided that anyone who shows disrespect to me or my message must be killed. I remember one stupid old man in the marker place. My followers had just prayed and had dust on their foreheads. He put some dirt on his forehead and mocked us for pray- ing with heads bowed down to the ground. When I was told about this, I said, “Kill him.” His throat was slit from ear to ear.

My religion is well suited to my fellow tribesmen. I did not introduce some new god for them to worship. All I asked was that they get rid of all the gods and goddesses of their fathers except for the chief god. He had formerly been identified as the Moon god and the sun goddess was his consort. The stars were his daughters such as Allat, al-Uzzah and Manat.

In addition to keeping one of the ancient gods, we also kept most of the ceremonies connected with the worship of that god. We continued praying five times a day toward the stone temple in the center of my home town. In order to keep the merchants happy, I retained the pilgrimage to the town. They could still a good living o those pilgrims.

I also decided to retain running around the temple seven times, worshiping the black stone cemented on the temple wall, making the traditional animal sacrifices, throwing a magical number of stones at the obelisk of the devil, running up and down the two hills outside of town, and I even kept the traditional fast for one month. Thus, my cousins should not complain. I kept most of the rites of their former religion intact.

Well, I have sent out my followers on 65 holy wars to gather money and slaves for my empire. I went along with them over twenty times, but when I became too busy to go to war, I gave the order that one half of all the goods and slaves was to be paid to me. I soon amassed a large fortune and ruled over many cities. I bought and sold many slaves. I had over 20 women in my harem.

At first, I was satisfied with ruling over my tribe, but I now see that my followers will do whatever I tell them to do as long as I say a heavenly being told me to have them do it. I even got my adopted son to hand over his beautiful wife to me by claiming that an angel appeared to me and warned him that he would be killed if he denied me his wife.

Now, I believe that I can conquer the whole world and force all men to worship my god and swear that I am his prophet. Any idol worshippers (like the Hindus) who refuse to give up their idols must be killed. Christians and Jews must either convert, be killed or submit to my rule by paying a special tax. Their lives will be hard under my rule.

I believe that my armies are the best fighters in the world. They know that if they die while engaged in a war to spread my message, they will go immediately to Paradise. The delights that await these martyrs are beyond belief. There are beautiful female creatures in Paradise who will give you sexual pleasures that last a thousand years. Fountains of wine and delightful foods served on gold plates will surround you. If you grow tire of women, there are young men with necklaces and earrings ready to pleasure you. Such delights as these make my soldiers ready to die for me.

I expect the whole world to fall into our hands. Most people are too stupid to know that their days are numbered. Just as I tricked that Jewish village and my home town into surrendering by false promises and broken treaties, the world can be conquered by deceit and lies. We will tell them what they want to hear until we are ready to strike.

Who am I?

Editor’s Note:  Dr. Robert Morey is scholar in residence at the Research and Education Foundation. He is the author of over forty ve books and an internationally recognized scholar in the field of comparative religion. In addition to an earned doctorate in Apologetics, Dr. Morey also received an honorary doctorate in Islamic Studies for his landmark textbook, ISLAMIC INVASION. For further information on Islam, go to or call 1-800-41-TRUTH.

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