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The Latest Homosexual Christophobia

By David Outten MTV host Dan Savage recently “apologized” for vulgar remarks made about Christian students at the National High School Journalists Conference. Christian students walked out on his talk when he told them they should “learn to ignore the parts of the Bible that are [BS].” When some students walked out, he said, “It’s […]

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Why Obama is Wrong on Same Sex Marriage

By David Outten President Obama has come out in favor of same sex marriage saying, “We are both practicing Christians, and obviously this position may be considered to put us at odds with the views of others, but, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at the root that we think about […]

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Whose “Spirit” Rules ‘Spirit Day’?

By Judith Reisman On October 22, 2010 President Barack Obama issued a formal message to young girls and boys to “be true to” themselves by adopting the current lionized state of homosexism as “a source of pride, and a source of strength.” Having been young once himself, Mr. Obama knows that teenagers are by definition […]

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Beware the Gay Suicide Card

Here is a post from SoL Blog about an issue that could affect churches and orthodox synagogues as well! One of the arguments made by critics of the LDS Church on the topic of homosexuality is that its stand causes young people to take their own lives. Detractors are actively using the gay youth suicide […]

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The ‘Gay Gene’ Hoax

Ryan Sorba Traces Initial Pseudo-Science Homosexuals Hang Their Hat On By Ryan Sorba One of the most common studies homosexual activists cite when they make the absurd claim that people are “born gay” was conducted in 1993 by pro-gay activist Dr. Dean Hamer and his team of geneticists at the National Cancer Institute. Hamer and […]

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