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American Voters Boost Marriage – Again

American voters solidified their support of traditional heterosexual marriage in the 2010 elections.
Pro-marriage conservatives won control of the legislature in Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire as well as the U.S. Congress. Also, voters in Iowa tossed out all three Supreme Court justices who, by judicial fiat, legislated same-sex marriage.
This is, of course, Jesus Christ’s own position in Matthew 19:1-12, where, quoting Genesis 2:24, Jesus endorses marriage between one man and one woman only.
- Source: Proposition 8 Legal Defense Fund, 11/15/10.


Is ‘Gay’ Agenda to Blame for Teen Suicides?

By Linda Harvey

Details are sketchy in the recent rash of homosexual-related teen suicides throughout the nation, but already the “gay” lobby is ready to exploit our children one more time.
In Minnesota, seven students committed suicide in recent months, three said to be involved in homosexuality. A college student at Rutgers jumped off the George Washington Bridge after his homosexual rendezvous was secretly filmed by his roommate and then broadcast over the Internet. The roommate and another student face criminal charges.

A 13-year-old in California and another in Texas killed themselves following student taunts about homosexuality. A 15-year-old in Indiana hanged himself over homosexual-related harassment.

And now we hear that another young man, 19-year-old Rhode Island college student Raymond Chase, hanged himself. He, too, believed he was “gay.”
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Conservative Social Gains in Election

By Mike McManus

President Obama was asked at his press conference if the election meant that with regard to terminating “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” that he needed “to tell your liberal base you are not able to get it done?”

President Obama calls Republican John Boehner after the 2010 midterm elections.

Nope. He replied, “I have been a strong believer that if someone is willing to serve (in the military) they should not be prevented from doing so. Overwhelming majorities feel the same way.” And Congress has “time to act in the lame duck session.”

This is outrageous.

Obama has learned nothing from what he acknowledges was a “shellacking.”

Almost 90 new Republicans have been elected to Congress, but will not be seated until January. The new Congress would never vote to allow openly gay men to serve, a step opposed by the heads of every branch of the military (though it is supported by the Secretary of Defense).

So the President plans to push for a vote on gays in the military in the two-week lame duck session dominated by Democrats, 61 of whom who have been voted out of office!

Did Obama notice that the Democrats in the Maine Legislature which voted for same-sex marriage, were voted out of office this week? That is explicit evidence the President is wrong in asserting “overwhelming majorities” favor same-sex marriage. The public opposes it. Forty-two states have passed Defense of Marriage Act laws that limit marriage to a man and a woman. Thirty put it in their state constitutions.
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Keep Pot Illegal; America’s Children Deserve Your Support

By Tom Snyder and Tracy Schreiber

Today the people of California get to decide whether to legalize marijuana. Let’s hope they decide against it.

Whatever happens, however, let’s put an end to the stupid arguments that libertarians, liberals and red diaper doper babies make in favor of legalizing drugs, including marijuana.

One of the arguments these airheads make is that the War on Drugs is “unwinnable.” When people say it’s an “unwinnable” war, what do they really mean? What does it mean to win the drug war? You can’t possibly mean winning the drug war means no one using drugs, because, by that same logic, the war against violent crime is unwinnable.

This argument is specious. When confronted with such an argument, ask the person, What level of drug use constitutes “winning” the War on Drugs? Just because there’s rampant crime of any sort, that shouldn’t make us just give up!

Another argument in favor of legalization has the pro-legalization person asking the anti-legalization person, “If you make drugs legal, would you do drugs?”

The person’s answer to that question probably will be no, but what if it isn’t?

Of course, if they legalized rape or prostitution tomorrow, we ourselves wouldn’t suddenly become a pimp or a prostitute, much less rape anyone. Just because the average person wouldn’t do these things does not mean that a lot of other people wouldn’t do them.

Robbing banks is a perfect example here. If they made robbing banks legal, or-de-criminalized it, the average person probably isn’t going to start robbing banks, but many other people will.

Often, the pro-legalization person cites America’s allegedly bad experience with the Prohibition of alcohol in the 1920s.

The fact is, however, during Prohibition, the consumption of alcohol did indeed decline. Thus, Prohibition did indeed inhibit drinking.
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Muslims Massacre 58 Christians in Iraqi Church

Iraqi security forces and wellwishers surround an Iraqi youth after his release from a hostage situation at the Sayidat al-Najat church, following a rescue operation by Iraqi and U.S. forces in Baghdad's Karrada neighbourhood, Oct. 31, 2010. At least 58 of the boy's Christian friends were murdered the following day by the Muslim invaders. (Getty Images)

Muslims acting on behalf of Usama Bib Laden’s Al Qaeda group massacred 58 Christians today in a Baghdad church in Iraqi, and wounded and maimed dozens more.
The murders occurred after the Muslims invaded the church during Sunday evening services.
The killers claimed to be part of Al Qaeda’s militant front group in Iraq, the “Islamic State of Iraq.” Their actions were in retaliation for two Muslim women in Egypt who converted to Christianity and who are now being protected from Muslim reprisals by the Christian Copt community there.
Syria provides a haven for this Al Qaeda group in the eastern part of its nation.
Little outrage was heard from the alleged community of “moderate” Muslims in Iraq, elsewhere in the Middle East, or here in the United States.
Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters still left in Iraq and other Muslim countries. Their numbers have been dwindling steadily in the last 20 years because of this so-called “Religion of Peace.”
This is also what happened in the Seventh Century when Mohammed and his Muslim followers began their unprovoked terror attacks on all Non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews, in the Middle East, Egypt and what is now called Turkey.
- CBS News, 11/01/10.