The Seduction of a Feminist Icon

The Seduction of a Feminist Icon

By Tom Snyder

Hugh Hefner whispered to Gloria Steinem with bedroom eyes:

“You need to get out, baby.

Put on your walking shoes – be like me.

Sex ain’t just for guys, it’s for women too.

Power and money could be yours to own,

With no man to call you home.

Start a magazine to others of your kind,

So, they too will no longer be blind.

Our bodies are ours to do as we will.

The Old Morality is a lot of swill!

Unwed pregnancy is not a sin,

It’s only a choice that’s yours to win!

So, free your body from marriage vows,

And, join with me among the clouds.”

Then, Gloria went out on Hef’s demand,

And, established a kingdom across the land.

But, she never saw the news on the street

For her eyes were clouded by human conceit.

But, if she looked, here’s what she’d see:

Disease and death burying society.

Teenagers surrendering their virginity

For just a few moments of intimacy.

More women deserted by selfish cads

Who don’t stick around to be kids’ dads.

Mothers on welfare or in low-paying jobs,

With no protection from the thief who robs.

Fatherless boys looking to hook up and join a gang,

Starting the cycle all over again.

Yet, worst of all in this whole mess,

Some mothers kill babies as if they were pests;

While young men roam streets with guns in hand,

Killing more children throughout the land.

Now many mortals have bought Hef’s lie,

And, society is crumbling by and by.

But, Satan chortles upon his throne:

“New words for slavery,” his voice intones.

“Humanism and feminism,” he says so sweet.

“And now more souls are at my feet!”

Only one Person stands against this lie:

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who went to die.

Abundant life is His offer to you.

So, believe on Him for your soul to renew.


Note:  Photo from Ms Foundation for Women.


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