Tebow Terrorizes Secularists

This is a partial repost of PART of an article describing why the vitriolic hate is aimed at both Palin and Tebow from Canada Free Press.  The comments of Chris Collinsworth and JB Brown area amazing (below) and it gives me a chance to rant on something that’s been rattling around in me since Thursday night.
After the AMAZING win by Tim Tebow and the Broncos over the New York Jets, a tweet came across my timeline with a smarmy tone:
Why didn’t God give Tebow  better arm?
I laughed.  It’s a good line.  But my answer was simple:  Because God would not have gotten the glory. 
God chose a weak, millworker so spineless that he was hiding behind the press, when God told he had been chosen to lead his army against the Philistines.  Gideon then had to be convinced by the Supreme Omnipotent Ruler of the Universe Who created all things to come out from his barn, assemble and motivate an army that DIDNT hear God say this.  Mr. Limpet was no Lionheart. But he obeyed.  And God anointing him in the very weakest part of his character – his courage – to become one of the most valiant warriors of all time.
The “Father of all Nations” was sterile. As was his wife.
The First Successful King of Israel was teen boy with anger issues whose own father didn’t even bring him with the rest of the brothers when the Prophet came to choose the new king.
The Savior of the World came to an unwed mother, in crappy Podunk Rome enslaved backwater called Bethlehem and was born in a barn.
In weakness, God is shown strong.  Saint Paul said,
Remember, dear brothers and sisters, that few of you were wise in the world’s eyes or powerful or wealthy when God called you.
And how about a country of farmers, taking on the greatest world military force of it’s era, at one time down to 2,500 troops many without shoes in the dead of winter, attacking the British to turn the tide of a hopeless war into Independence unlike anything the world has ever seen.  Why was their fog on the Delaware?  How did our troops escape New York?  It was a military impossibility, but as George Washington said, Divine Providence.
Those who don’t believe in God, much less the bible, may think that’s just a nice fairytale. But they deny the historical record where this happens over and over again, trying to convince the world to not put their trust in human will, or human power – but in God who is willing, ready and able to fulfill each of our dreams in ways we couldn’t even imagine.
In the Family Thanksgiving debate in Iowa, Frank Luntz shared this:
Luntz asserted that research shows that those who pray every day and attend church at least once a week “are happier, healthier, have closer relationships with their family, like their jobs better, are more likely to volunteer, more likely to give of their time than those who do not pray and do not attend church at all. They are the most unhappy and most angry, and yet you seem to be always under attack. Why?”
Gingrich answered wonderfully, “Well, because they’re unhappy and they’re angry.”
What is interesting is THEY don’t even know why they are so irritated with Tebow or Palin.  But, the “spirit” of this world is naturally against that which would confront their rebellion, that much different than when our formerly sweet, precious and tender children suddenly demand to take over all parenting and financial decisions at the age of thirteen.  As we grow older OUR parents suddenly became smarter when we realized that authority, discipline and restraint are NECESSITIES to succeed – not the killjoy vendetta of a mean, totalitarian.  God is just like that. 
Sin is fun.  Let’s admitted it.  At least, for a short time.  But, we soon learn we will flunk out of college and loose our real opportunities if all we do is drink and have sex.
Someone like Tebow CONTINUALLY reminds them of what they already sense deep down inside.  And d*mnit! They don’t want to give up their “blanky” if only it is give up their perceived control over their own lives.  (And we Christians learn is like the Matrix, you never really had control to begin with!)
This begs the question, “So is Tebow automatically going to win 5 Superbowls because ‘God’ chose him?”
I have no idea.  He might.  And every game might be the ugliest passing form with unexplained turnovers by the other team rather than some Braveheart-worthy triumph.  Ultimately, it’s up to Tebow to continue to obey God and honor him.  If he gets prideful, or –God forbid- falls into some scandal, that “anointing” can suffer harm as it did the FIRST King of Israel, Saul, who WAS the epitome of a king.  Tall, strong and handsome.  But like Tiger Woods, we learn that the ability to win – whether you are a Christian or not, isn’t easily replicated and can’t be explained by superior talent, knowledge or opportunity.
So, finally, here is the take from Kelly O’Connell:
I. Tackling Tim-bow Out of Bounds
One cannot help but notice that Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow gathers more weekly critics than would a blind knife-throwing exhibit at a hemophiliac convention. So why does Tim generate such hostile reactions regardless of his current habit of fostering last-minute comeback wins? Well, to listen to his critics, one would be forced to conclude that Tebow cannot be allowed to compete anymore in the NFL simply because his fundamental skill set is so bad. This theory suggests his throws are so predictably bad that he is actually robbing merit from the entire league, and so must be banned for the good of the dignity of professional sport.
The alternative theory, which is admittedly gaining steam with each victory, is that Tebow’s worth can only be gauged by his win-loss record, which tends to grow each week. In other words, Tebow’s beauty is better summed up by his win-loss record, than any dry recapitulation of his mechanical flaws.
But, neither of these positions really sums up the heated debate over Tim, does it? Instead, some astute observers understand that the fight over Tebow is a proxy war over the right to live an openly Christian lifestyle in an age of sanctimonious secularism. According to his most vociferous critics, Tebow’s joyful demeanor, pious public pronouncements and knee-dropping prayers—aka “Tebowing”—and humble persona are weighed in the balance and found wanting…MENE, MENE, TEKEL, PARSIN.
In other words, Tim’s very open Christian witness is considered an odious assault against popular decorum and so must be driven from public life after a proper shaming. Only, Tebow has yet to get this message. But when pondering the need for Tim to quietly exit the NFL for the good of its image, consider these observations:
Inside the NFL’’ analyst and former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Cris Collinsworth concluded that much of the hatred against Tebow was based on his religious beliefs. Responding to a question from fellow host James ‘JB’ Brown, Collinsworth showed his disgust for Tebow’s treatment: ‘‘It’s unbelievable, though, JB, that one of the best kids – just pure kids that’s ever come into the NFL – is hated because of his faith, because of his mission work, because of the fact that he wears it on his sleeve, because of the fact that he lives his life that he talks about…And it’s kind of a sad commentary, that, you know, if someone is out carousing every night, the Joe Namath thing, or whatever, they’re American heroes, and Tim Tebow, who’s working in missions in Asia somewhere, is a guy that we’re going to vilify.’‘
Tebow has indeed been vilified for his Christian faith and beliefs. Commentators have taken aim at him because of his religion and pro-life stance. One sportswriter compared Tebow’s confidence that he will start in the NFL to blasphemy. ‘Daily Show’ comedian John Oliver declared: ‘‘I dislike Robert Mugabe. I hate Tim Tebow.’’ The vitriol directed against Tebow is how religion and people of faith are often treated in the media, which often seeks to remove any mention of religion from public life entirely, including in sports.
Oliver also stated that if he had two bullets, between Tim Tebow and Osama Bin Laden, he’d shoot Tebow first.
Other astute sports analysts have come to a similar conclusion:
No, Tim Tebow is a target of irrational hatred, not because he’s an iffy quarterback at the NFL level, or a creep personally, or an obnoxious, in-your-face, self-righteous proselytizer. He draws hatred because he is an unabashed Christian, whose calmness and decency in the face of his Christophobic detractors drives them crazy. Tim Tebow, in other words, is a prime example of why Christophobia—a neologism first coined by a world-class comparative constitutional law scholar, J.H.H. Weiler, himself an Orthodox Jew—is a serious cultural problem in these United States.
It is simply unimaginable that any prominent Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh quarterback, should such a fantasy of anthropology exist, would be subjected to the vileness that is publicly dumped on Tim Tebow. Tolerance, that supreme virtue of the culture of radical relativism, does not extend to evangelical Christians, it seems. And if it does not extend to evangelicals who unapologetically proclaim their faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior and who live their commitment to the dignity of human life from conception and natural death, it will not extend to Catholics who make that same profession of faith and that same moral commitment. Whatever we think of Tim Tebow’s theology of salvation, Tim Tebow and serious Catholics are both fated to be targets of the Christophobes.
Another public figure can well identify with Tebow’s excoriation by the mainstream media for their public affirmation of private faith—Sarah Palin.
II. The Indignity of Being Sarah
Continued at Canada Free Press here.

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