by Sharon Sebastian

Crisis is the dominant strategy of the Obama White House. Crisis is not only their basis for “change,” it is also a tool of distraction. While the American people are put in panic mode by the latest “emergency” or calamity by a seemingly wrought White House and media, crisis provides opportunity for Obama and cohorts to hurriedly implement their agendas. But, now as more and more Americans are paying attention, they are catching on.  They are discovering that at the root of America’s crisis is the very President himself.

Early on complaints were, albeit legitimate ones, that Obama lacks business acumen. That he has neither business experience nor an education in economics. It soon became apparent to Americans that neither was needed.  One does not need business experience or education to bring down an economy or to inflict a deepening “economic crisis.” Business acumen is not needed to empty the U.S. treasury, trample free enterprise, hamstring small businesses with healthcare regulation and impending taxes, squeeze the middle class, increase unemployment/entitlement lines, raise taxes that will kill jobs, place a moratorium on oil production that kills jobs, regulate independent fishermen out of business, and, based on fraudulent global warming, push for a Cap and Trade/EPA regulated energy bill that will bust the budgets of households across America.  That is the making of a good crisis.  Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, is often quoted as never wanting a good “crisis to go to waste.”

Crisis in the making:  New

welfare class. Obama’s policy of “redistributing wealth” historically requires a financial leveling of the masses.  Jobs must be lost.  A whole new class of former American workers must become dependent on the government for their very subsistence, which primes the pump of social welfare and government dependence.  In previous articles came my warning that Obama appears bent on implementing his Socialist agenda on the backs of America’s newly unemployed. With so many out of work and not paying taxes, independent business owners and the wealthy, who provide jobs, will become the next target for excessive taxation to keep the money flowing into corrupt government coffers. What money the Obama government then deems to “redistribute” will literally put a radically left, socialist government in control of who gets what and when. Control, repeat control, is the end result of each “crisis” that is “managed” by this White House.

Crisis in the making: Socialist/Marxist government of ruling elites.  Nothing seems more important to this President than implementing Socialist/Marxist policies with the Fascist underpinnings of mandates and laws that force the citizenry to comply. In doing so, he foists on the American people a crisis that may prove insurmountable unless it is stopped. The Constitution of the United States stands between the American people and tyranny by the government. Yet it is Obama, his Attorney general, his State Department liaison on global law, multiple Czars and administration acolytes who reportedly view the U.S. Constitution as either defective or to be ignored. Again, the Constitution of the United States stands between the American people and tyranny by the government. The Marxist dream is that the government becomes “god” to the people and controls all facets of their lives from healthcare to energy usage, from a socialistic entitlement subsistence of the private sector to doling out government jobs, and by mandating or substituting government propaganda as history and education.  Big red Marxist warning flags are waving.

Crisis in the making: Ignoring the Border threat. Violence at the American border is so intense that spill-over is inevitable. Is this White House allowing the border to become yet another “crisis” that it will not allow “to go to waste” when chaos enters our own cities and neighborhoods threatening our homes, schools, churches and businesses? Example to the U.S. is the fractious border between Israel and Gaza. The Obama administration announced it is sending $900 million taxpayers’ dollars to rebuild Palestine. Some $300 million goes to Gaza which is under control of the Iran-backed, terrorist organization Hamas, a group that is anti-American and anti-Israel. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on America’s border protection instead of financing an enemy? In yet another bow to globalization and a tactic to the undermine America’s sovereignty of self-rule, the Obama administration wants Arizona to answer to the United Nations Human Rights Council as “violators of human rights.”  As Arizona’s attempts to protect Americans from imminent threat, the Obama State Department wants Arizona to be judged by some of the worst human rights violators on the globe. Can the World Court be far behind?

The way this President creates or uses crisis defines his character and agenda. That he is driving the country off a cliff while posturing as an elite with endless vacations and a soie de vivre during times of hardship on our people, should move this nation of voters into action. Talk abounds about the George Soros backed, Sharia Law inclined mentality of this administration that portends the take down of America. The time for action is now. Stay informed and inform those you know.  Rally to the vote, get on your knees and pray that this administration is a lesson to America to again turn its attention to Godly principles, the laws of the Constitution, to the strength of the good and the brave to protect what is right, and to give us the grace and charity to care for those unable to care for themselves.  The American dream is not dead. It is under assault. We are again reminded that freedom is not free by the very individual who swore, based on the Constitution, to protect our freedoms and our nation. Was it a sham oath by a President who now, by his actions, appears to have had other intentions in mind?

Editor’s Note:  haron Sebastian is an author, writer, public speaker and contributor for various forms of media including cultural and political broadcasts, print and online websites. Her second book, Darwin’s Racists – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, addresses the global “evolution vs. creation” debate highlighting both the impact of Social Darwinism on America’s culture today and its influence on current policy coming out of Washington.  Website:  www.DarwinsRacists.com

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  1. March 1, 2011

    The ones who voted him in…should be the ones …who get to pay back the money he spent unwisely.

  2. March 1, 2011

    The ones who voted him in…should be the ones …who get to pay back the money he spent unwisely.

    I’ll bet they are hiding…. they’re super hero is being crippled by the green criptonite we call “money”…..Good thing we only gave him four years…..maybe in 12 he’ll figure out how to make “change”.

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