Myth Conceptions and Lies in the Secular Liberal Age of Stupidity

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

Social critic Michael Medved has published two books now on lies that liberals and leftists tell about America and American business.

The first book dealt with 10 “big lies” about America. The second book dealt with five big lies about capitalism, including big business and government meddling in the economy.

The first 10 lies were 1) America was founded on genocide against American Indians; 2) the United States is uniquely guilty for the crime of slavery and based its wealth on stolen African labor; 3) the Founding Fathers intended a secular, not a Christian, nature (see also my articles “America’s Christian Heritage” and “America’s Sacred Roots”); 4) America has always been a multicultural society, strengthened by diversity; 5) the power of Big Business hurts the country and oppresses the people; 6) government programs offer the only remedy for economic downturns and poverty; 7) America is an imperialist nation and a constant threat to world peace; 8) the two-party system is broken, and we urgently need a viable third party; 9) a war on the middle class means less comfort and opportunity for the average American; and, 10) America is in the midst of an irreversible moral decline.

The five big lies about American business are 1) The current economic downturn means the death of capitalism; 2) when the rich get richer, the poor get poorer; 3) business executives are overpaid and corrupt; 4) big business is bad but small business is good; and, 5) government is more fair and reliable than business.

One might quibble with some of what Michael says, but, on the whole, in each case, he does an excellent job of proving his arguments with facts, logic and plenty of footnotes. At the same time, he shows how totally idiotic and grossly wrong the liberals and leftists and their lies really are.

Being of a more philosophical and theological bent, I’d like to propose seven other lies, or myth conceptions as I like to call them, that liberals and secular activists or alleged “experts” tell us in this Age of Stupidity in which we seem to be living at the present time.

First, there is the myth conception, “There is no absolute truth.”
This lie is easily dismissed, because it’s self-contradictory and, hence, completely irrational and false on its face. All you have to do to know that is to ask, “Is that an absolute truth” and “Do you believe it absolutely?” Writing that there is no absolute truth is as stupid as writing “I can’t write a word in English.”

Thus, we can know for absolutely certain that there is at least one, and probably many more, absolute truths on which we can hang our beliefs, or worldview, including our religious and political beliefs.

The second myth conception is the statement, “There are no moral absolutes.”
This “big lie” can also be rather easily dismissed, because what the person making this statement is really telling us is that, since there are no moral absolutes, then no one SHOULD ever believe that there are any moral absolutes. This, of course, is also inherently self-contradictory and, therefore, false, because, at the same time the person is telling you there are no moral absolutes, he is making his own moral absolute that everybody should obey the morality he’s promoting, namely, that people should not believe in moral absolutes.

The third myth conception is rather long, but can be stated like this:
“Words have more than one meaning, and those meanings are arbitrary and subjective. Thus, the meanings are selected at random, and this selection varies from person to person and from culture to culture. Therefore, language is inherently ambiguous, and all interpretations of what something means are virtually, if not completely, subjective, unreliable and contradictory, and depend on who has the most power to enforce his or her particular, idiosyncratic interpretation.”

There are several arguments that can refute this lie.
First of all, while there is indeed an arbitrary, subjective nature to words, meanings, language, speech, and writing, the physical universe, the human brain, human thought, and human behaviors (whether you believe they’ve been created by God or not) follow and even obey certain transcendent, objective laws like the basic laws of logic (which are eternal, unchangeable, non-material, and independent). This suggests that there is indeed an objective, transcendent basis, not a relative, arbitrary and ambiguous one, to words, meaning, language, and interpretation.

Consequently, for example, the word “truth” in English has an objective, transcendent meaning that applies to everything in the physical universe, the human brain, human thought, and human behaviors. Also, the word “verdad” in Spanish and the word “pravda” in Russian mean essentially the very same thing as the English word “truth.”

Secondly, despite the subjective, arbitrary aspect of words and the meanings attached to them, the multiple meanings of words can be limited and objectified by putting them into a sentence. Thus, the word “table” in the sentence “Put that vase on this table” versus the sentence “The water table is low” mean completely different things that are fully understandable.

Thus, contrary to those who spout this third lie, we can indeed know the meaning of words, especially the meaning of words in sentences and paragraphs. In fact, interpretation is not really that subjective, unreliable or contradictory. Only an undisciplined or unstable mind, and poor or evil writers and poor or evil speakers, present confusing, contradictory or false meanings and interpretations. We can judge their failures and find the correct meanings and interpretations by examining the text of the words or language in question for ourselves.

The fourth myth conception is the assertion, “There is really no one way to live or believe. Therefore, no one should ask other people to live like them or believe like them. Consequently, we should live and let live, and let other people ‘do their own thing,’ so long as they don’t physically hurt anyone else.”

You can see this fourth big lie in the debates over homosexuality. For example, I’ve run into homosexual activists, either in person or in print or vocal communication, who get very angry when Bible-believing Christians tell them they should not live a homosexual lifestyle because it’s immoral and God condemns homosexual behavior in the Bible. Basically, their arguments (stripped of all their insanity and vitriol) boil down to this, “What you say is intolerant and hateful. There is no one way to live or believe, and, except for things like incest, bigamy, adultery, pedophilia, or bestiality, there is no one proper way to engage in sexual activity. So, stop trying to force me to live one way or believe like you believe.”

Of course, like Myth Conceptions 1 and 2 above, this argument is self-contradictory and, hence false, because the homosexual activist is really telling everyone else how to live and how to believe. In effect, he’s telling everyone else, especially the Bible-believing Christian, to believe like him that homosexual behavior is not immoral or evil and that everyone should believe the inherently contradictory idea that “There’s really no one way to live or believe.”

Thus, the argument above is like saying, “There’s really no one way to God.” In other words, at the same time the multicultural liberal “pluralist” says, “There’s really no one way to God,” he’s telling everyone that they MUST believe and MUST follow his multicultural lie that there’s no one way to God, and, therefore, they MUST get rid of any idea that there is indeed only one way to God, especially any idea that the only way to God and eternal life is through Jesus Christ and His Gospel of repentance of sin, forgiveness of sin, deliverance from sin, salvation, redemption, and eternal life.

The fifth myth conception or big lie is the statement, “Science is the best, or only, way to know real truth.” This article is not meant to attack science, but this statement is one of the silliest concepts ever invented by the human brain and mind. In the first place, science itself depends inherently on properly using the basic laws of logic. Thus, properly using the basic laws of logic is probably the better way of knowing real truth, and science absolutely depends on it!

Therefore, while good science is a very good way of determining truth, it’s not the only way, or even the best way. In fact, not only are the laws of logic a very good way of determining truth, but so is the study of history in all its various forms, including archeology and anthropology. In fact, ultimately, so is the Bible, because, if it is indeed the very Word of God or at least contains the very Word of God, including God’s message to all human beings, then studying the Bible is like studying the writings of the best scientific, historical and philosophical “experts.” In fact, it’s probably even better!!!
The sixth myth conception is the statement, “Evolution, including human evolution, is a proven scientific fact.”

It would take a whole book, and probably several books, to refute this big lie. Suffice it to say, however, that there are now thousands of scientists and scientific “experts” who don’t believe this lie, and some of them have written very erudite, scholarly and scientific books and articles about it. For some of the best rebuttals of evolution, you may go to “Rebuttals Against Evolution” at the website page

Also, after studying the theories and “evidence” of human evolution, I can say with certainty right now that there is no evidence whatsoever that humans, or homo sapiens and homo sapiens sapiens, including their art and religious beliefs, are in any way biologically and mentally related to the other “earlier” so-called “hominid” species paleontologists say they have found. In fact, a study of the earliest religious beliefs on this planet shows that a belief in one benevolent, moral God was indeed the very first religious belief among humans. This indicates that the ancient biblical/human story of God’s interaction with the first humans, Adam and Eve, and their progeny, is probably true.

The seventh myth conception is the big lie that “Faith and reason are mutually exclusive. Thus, belief in God is not rational. Therefore, people who believe in God are not being rational. They aren’t even being reasonable.”

Well, in the first place, while there are certainly some irrational Christians and Jewish people out there, I have met many atheists and Non-Christians who also don’t seem very rational or logical.

Be that as it may, since the One True Creator God, if He really exists, would also have to be the eternal, transcendent author of eternal, transcendent reason and logic, then it’s hard to see why faith and reason or faith and logic have to be mutually exclusive. In fact, if God exists, then faith and reason (which includes the eternal, transcendent laws of logic), are a perfect match for one another!

Thus, it’s perfectly reasonable, rational and logical to consider, if not accept, the belief that Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, eternally begotten of the Father, God from God, Light from Light, true God from true God, begotten, not made, one in Being with the Father; that through him all things were made; that for all people and for their salvation, He came down from heaven and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, was born of the Virgin Mary, and became man; that for our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; that he suffered, died and was buried; and, that on the third day he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures, ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father (see the Nicene Creed and the New Testament documents in the Bible). In fact, as the best biblical scholars and scholars of ancient history have proven beyond a reasonable doubt, there were many eyewitnesses to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, death and physically resurrected body. Not only that, but the most important of them, who also knew Him and His teachings the best of anyone, were tortured and/or died for their belief that what the New Testament books say about Jesus Christ and His life and teachings is true.

Ever since the insanity of radical liberalism and atheist humanism broke out in full bloom in the 1960s, we have been living in a Liberal/Secular Age of Stupidity. Liberals and secular humanists, including atheists and socialists, have been spreading many falsehoods, lies and myth conceptions ever since.

Many people have tried to debunk these myth conceptions. I hope and pray that readers will find this article to be another small but important step in destroying the Secular Liberal Age of Stupidity and in bringing bring back the Age of Rational Christian/Biblical Knowledge that helped make the United States of America such a “shining city on a hill” for all of humanity.

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