Gallup Survey Reveals Surprising American Views on Creation/Evolution

Gallup Survey Reveals Surprising American Views on Creation/Evolution

A Gallup survey in May 2014 reveals that Americans views in the Creation vs Evolution debate remain strongly in favor of Creation even after many years of public education, the media and the government promoting evolution.

Read any public school textbook, watch anything on Public Broadcasting or go to any government supported science museum and you’ll find nothing about creation and a great deal promoting belief in evolution.

Thus, it’s shocking that more than twice as many Americans still believe God created mankind “as is” 10,000 years ago than believe mankind evolved without the assistance of God.

However, the poll does reveal the impact of the schools, the media, the government and the church.

Of those who attend church weekly, 69 percent believe God created mankind “as is.” Only one percent believe God had no role in human creation.

On the other extreme, only 27 percent of those who’ve graduated from college believe God created mankind “as is.” College graduates have the highest rate of belief in godless evolution at 41 percent. It’s astounding that this isn’t 100 percent, given the instructional material presented to them for 16 years.

High school graduates, who get a heavy dose of evolution instruction themselves, still favor belief that God created mankind “as is” by 46 percent over godless evolution at 27 percent.

An earlier Gallup survey on the same topic revealed that 60 percent of Republicans and 38 percent of Democrats believe God created man “as is.” Only 4 percent of Republicans and 17 percent of Democrats believed in godless evolution.

It’s really remarkable that belief in God’s creation has persisted given the intensity of the effort to ridicule and eradicate the belief.

One can only imagine the frustration of those promoting evolution. They’ve had control of so much of the information fed to the American people and the American people have not accepted their instruction.

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