Chrislam – Another Vile Liberal Heresy

In November, some liberal pastors in America placed Korans, the religious text for Muslims, beside Bibles to reconcile Christianity with Islam. They called their efforts “Chrislam.”

This vile heresy is part of a movement that started in Lagos, Nigeria, where half the population is Christian and the other half is Muslim.

Among the American heretics preaching this nonsense are social gospel heretic Tony Campolo, who says he admires “the Muslim sense of commitment to the poor” (, and “emerging church” heretic Brian McLaren, who thinks Christians should celebrate the Muslim fast and festival of Ramadan.

Instead of appeasing Muslims and Muslim terrorists, Christians should be evangelizing them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God who died for our sins and delivers us from evil.
“Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God” – 2 John 9.

– MOVIEGUIDE®, 12/08/10.

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  2. October 10, 2015

    This is what I’ve always been tauhgt actually at my church. It’s never too late. On the other hand, I and my 2 daughters were members of a church when my husband took his own life due to serious illness. When my 12-year-old asked her youth leader if her Dad was in heaven, he told her that no he’d be in hell. Can you believe it? I’ve never returned to that church and neither of my daughters attend any church now. They were so terribly damaged by that statement after all they’d been through losing their father! Not everyone in leadership in churches know how to deal with tragedies like that.

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