Appeasement of Evil Never Works: Cuba Arrests Six Dissidents After Obama/Pope’s New Cuba Outreach

Cuban dictator Raoul Castro (pictured here) has plenty of reasons to smile these days:

Pope Francis and Vatican officials “played key roles” in President Obama’s attempt to thaw relations between the United States and the Cuban government’s Anti-Christian communist tyranny led by Dictators Fidel and Raul Castro, according to news reports.

Reportedly, Pope Francis sent letters to both Obama and Raul Castro asking them to “resolve humanitarian questions of common interest.”

Two weeks later, the Cuban government arrested six “dissidents” in the wake of a canceled protest demanding “changes” from the Castro communist tyranny.

To paraphrase Shakespeare, What fools these mortals be!

MOVIEGUIDE®’s sister organization, the Christian Film & Television Commission, supports Christian revival in Cuba AND the United States, with Christian economic, political and religious liberty and morality reigning supreme. We also urge the repentance of Cuba’s current government leaders, who should repent and reject both communism and atheism and reorganize Cuba into a Christian capitalist republic.

Clearly, appeasement of tyrants and dictators never, ever works (or at least very, very seldom).

– Source: CNN, 12/31/14, and The Guardian, 12/16/14.

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