A Tale of Two Countries

By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®

More than 55 years ago in Argentina, my wife’s father, Dr. Rudolfo Milani, had a flourishing medical practice and a prestigious position in the Argentine medical community.

Juan Peron, who had studied and served under Mussolini, had been implementing national socialism along the Mussolini model for several years in Argentina. That meant he was trying to control every thing and every body. In the process, Argentina went from being one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a large gold reserve and very little poverty, to being one of the most impoverished, bankrupt countries in South America.

Wisely, Dr. Milani, as the government control of healthcare increased, left the country. He came to the United States because it was free and brought his four children with him and all the money he could carry in his coat. He had to start at the bottom of the medical community in Houston and do his internship all over again. He succeeded and became a top anesthesiologist at one of the best hospitals in the country. Inspired by him, his grandson became a doctor.

Dr. Milani retired from practice when the government meddling in America’s health insurance system began to drive the rates to extraordinary levels. But, our generation of baby boomers forgot the price that people paid to be free and the benefits and prosperity it produced. So, his grandson’s parents voted for the Democratic Party’s plan of national socialism in 2008. Now, Dr. Milani’s grandson faces the same controls that will destroy his future that his grandfather faced in Argentina when he left! The grandson calls the government control of healthcare “tragic.”

My wife Lili has been on chemotherapy for 15 years. Under the new system passed on a party-line vote in the United States Congress, she now will be restricted in the amount of care she receives. And, fools (because the man who doesn’t believe or trust in God is a fool) will be controlling her healthcare – even though they never studied medicine and have no understanding of how to treat her very rare disease.

Argentina used to be an exporter of beef. Now, it imports beef from Brazil and Chile. It used to be prosperous. But now, now it’s impoverished. It used to have very low crime. Now, it has very high crime, and older people do not even dare to go out of their houses.

Juan Peron made off with the wealth of Argentina and put it in his accounts in Switzerland. The fools in the United States Congress who don’t believe in God have made off with America’s wealth, to butter their own bread at our expense. But, the bigger fools are those who voted to close the door on liberty, justice, freedom, and prosperity.

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