A Culture Abandoned by God

By David Outten

In Romans Chapter 1 verse 24 the Apostle Paul speaks of those who God abandoned to “do whoever shameful things their heart desires.” It’s not being judgmental to recognize that there are such people in the United States. God loves them, but He lets them experience life like a child who has left home in rebellion.

The United States is not a single culture. Most of those who attend church several times a week live in a very different culture than those Americans God has abandoned to “do whatever shameful things their heart desires.”

Yes, there are men who attend church and struggle with pornography. There are even pastors who’ve been caught molesting children, but the typical church member has no concept of just how shameful the desires of those abandoned by God can be.

I’m not about to spell out the shameful details and soil the minds of readers, but the point is that in the United States there are communities that promote, and are proud of the behavior Paul refers to as “shameful things.” In those communities Christians considered shameful. They consider anyone who thinks sex should be saved for marriage a fool trapped by stupid puritanical beliefs that repress perfectly normal sexual expression.

In the last 50 years those abandoned by God have made astounding progress in getting the general public to side with them. There are even growing numbers of churchgoers willing to accept, as no longer shameful, the behavior of those abandoned by God. While most don’t join in the shameful behavior, they consider it an act of love to no longer believe the many forms of sex outside of marriage are shameful.

The problem is that followers of Jesus Christ are supposed to consider virtuous what God considers virtuous and to consider shameful what God considers shameful. They’re supposed to care, like Jesus did, about sinners. Jesus never condoned sin. He gave his life to provide a path home to those who have abandoned God.

America’s founders considered it vital to encourage Americans to stay on the path of virtue as defined by God. In 1785 the University of Georgia was chartered with the belief that, “It should be among the first objects of those who wish well to the national prosperity to encourage and support the principles of religion and morality.” Among the first buildings built on the campus was a large marble chapel where students were required to attend services daily.

The purpose of education at UGA has changed radically. Today courses are offered in “Queer Theater and Film” and “Trends/Issues in Education: Queer Theory.” The university library has many shelves full of sex books including titles like, “Out and Proud in Chicago,” “The Dictionary of Homophobia,” “Swinging In America,” “Lovesick Japan,” “The Sexual Revolution in Russia,” “The Night Is Yours,” and “The Art of the Public Grovel.” Georgia’s churchgoing taxpayers help purchase these books.

Some universities are now even offering “Porn Studies.” Imagine graduating as a pornography major. Can you see the trend? The people in charge of purchasing books for the library obviously do not agree with the University’s Charter.

In Romans 1 verse 22, the Apostle Paul writes, “Claiming to be wise they instead became utter fools.”

In 1 Corinthians 1 verse 18 Paul says, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

In this clash of cultures both sides see each other as fools. Paul made this explained this clash 2,000 years ago. Who should prevail? The truth is on Paul’s side. Scientifically demonstrable facts reveal who is truly wise.

The risk of acquiring AIDS is virtually zero for those who reserve sex for marriage. Over 600,000 Americans who did not save sex for marriage have died of AIDS. Is it “wisdom” to think that pornography and promiscuity are good for families and children? Children raised by parents who reserve sex for marriage do better in school, grow up to be more productive and prosperous and go to prison far less often. Is that foolish?

Beyond the wealth of statistics available, common sense sides with Paul.

The Bible teaches “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The world says, “Just do it.” Which moral instruction would you prefer to see your children and grandchildren practice? Which culture would you rather live in?

Let’s back up and ask, “Why would a loving God abandon people and let them pursue shameful desires? In Romans Paul explains that God’s existence and authority is revealed in his creation. When men refuse to see, acknowledge and give thanks for God’s blessing God allows their imagination to run wild and their hearts to be darkened. It is men who abandon God first. In so doing, they loose sight of God and his wisdom. They conclude they are wiser than God. It is only then that God allows them to pursue their own misguided beliefs and desires.

Whether you’re removing your shoes for airport security, or entering passwords to protect yourself from identity thieves, everyone is impacted by those abandoned by God do the shameful things their heart desires. Promiscuous sex is not the only shameful desire. History is filled with the horrors of Hitler, Stalin, Muhammad and others whose shameful desires have resulted in the death of millions.

The University of Georgia was not founded to promote promiscuity and the United States was not founded to encourage shameful desires. If America’s churchgoers would take action the University of Georgia would not be promoting promiscuity, America’s movie studios would not be making vulgar comedies and the president of the United States would not be declaring promiscuity pride month.

When churchgoers let their children be taught in their school, and in their entertainment, that promiscuity is normal and healthy, they invite their children to abandoned God and be abandoned by God. As more and more children, “Just Do It,” the results will be tragic.

America needs God’s wisdom. Our schools, our entertainment and our government need God’s wisdom. It is not hateful to say so. It is not intolerant to say so. It is truthful to say so. Self-righteousness is a sin. Being judgmental is a sin. Standing for truth is not.

Jesus told a parable about a son who abandoned his father and his father’s values. He took funds given to him by his father and squandered than on wicked behavior. Yet, his father rejoiced when his son learned his lesson and came home. Some of those who consider Christians fools may always consider them fools. Others may learn a lesson and be like the son who came home.

Jesus died on a cross for the forgiveness of the sins of those who want to come home. God celebrates the return of those prepared to be a fool for Christ. He does not declare promiscuity healthy in order to lure them home, but He is delighted when their greatest desire becomes to apply his wisdom.

What God wants most from churchgoers is that they would get up and reach out with God’s love, grace and wisdom to their own family, their community and the world. Only if this happens will the University of Georgia return to honoring God. Only if this happens will Hollywood focus on making uplifting movies. Only of this happens will America have a president who promotes decency and marital fidelity.

What do you think God wants for America? Do you he’d rather us be a city on a hill or an abandoned slum?

I believe he wants something better for America than “The Art of the Public Grovel.”

Do you really want to live a culture abandoned by God?

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One Comment

  1. Lupe Torres
    July 3, 2013

    Good morning,
    I agree, whole heartedly, with all but one sentence.
    “Being judgmental is a sin.”
    If you read Romans 2 you will see that by NOT practicing sin we are to judge (be discerning about) sin. Your whole paper is a judgement (rightly so) on WHY God is abandoning us.
    Keep pushing brother. You guys that know who to write give us that can’t the hope that, if people read your essays, they will start to think. God bless you in all you do.
    In Christ, Lupe

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