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The Latest Homosexual Christophobia

By David Outten
MTV host Dan Savage recently “apologized” for vulgar remarks made about Christian students at the National High School Journalists Conference. Christian students walked out on his talk when he told them they should “learn to ignore the parts of the Bible that are [BS].” When some students walked out, he said, “It’s funny, as someone who’s on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible, how pansy-a** some people react when you push back.”
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Whose “Spirit” Rules ‘Spirit Day’?

By Judith Reisman

On October 22, 2010 President Barack Obama issued a formal message to young girls and boys to “be true to” themselves by adopting the current lionized state of homosexism as “a source of pride, and a source of strength.” Having been young once himself, Mr. Obama knows that teenagers are by definition “immature” and remain so until roughly age 21 when their cognitive neuro anatomy catches up with their bodies.

Why tell children to feel “pride” and “strength” in adopting an early death sentence when you are too immature to know much of anything? How cruel, how outrageously heartless!
Instead of urging vulnerable youths into premature sexual riddled with crippling disease and death, Mr. Obama should have pointed to the October 9, 1998 Washington Post full page advert by The Whitman-Walker Clinic.
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Beware the Gay Suicide Card

Here is a post from SoL Blog about an issue that could affect churches and orthodox synagogues as well!

One of the arguments made by critics of the LDS Church on the topic of homosexuality is that its stand causes young people to take their own lives. Detractors are actively using the gay youth suicide card on the LDS Church in the wake of President Packer’s talk at the Church’s General Conference, Oct. 3. On Oct. 7, a “silent protest” was held where a group of mostly young people lay down, death-like, outside the gates of the Salt Lake Temple. While we should all mourn suicides, is the Church responsible? Will the words Pres. Packer spoke at a church meeting really cause people to take their own lives as activists are saying?

Mormons or Church of Latter Day Saints

It has been admitted by activists that lies are acceptable in order to further their cause. One example is, talking about being “born that way,” activists said, “If this is an easier route to acceptance (which may in fact be the case), is it really so bad that it is inaccurate?”

It follows that we must take every pronouncement of a “gay suicide” with a very large grain of salt. In fact, some families of these suicide victims being cited by activists are speaking out.
Affirmation, a group self-described as LDS and pro-gay, in an article about suicides, is warned by family members of young gays David Standley and Todd Ranson who recently died not to jump so quickly to the causes of their deaths.

“David had a very severe mental illness his entire life where he experienced depression that he was unable to overcome. His biological father also committed suicide, which increased his chances to 90 percent that he would also do the same. David had the same mental illness as his biological father and his biological father’s father,” wrote Standley’s mother.

“Some people have said that Todd ended his life because he was gay or felt persecuted by the LDS Church and his family, but this is not true,” a family member wrote on a tribute web site dedicated to him . . . “Todd attempted suicide previously and we know from that experience that his manic depression was a constant thorn in his side and that there were other factors that influenced his suicide.”

As a matter of fact, mentally and emotionally healthy people of all ages do not kill themselves because others disapprove of them. Correction, criticism, and even rejection are part of life. Starting in grade school we get dropped, dumped, dismissed, disowned, and deceived. History is full of individuals and groups, good and bad, being rejected. People are even imprisoned because society cannot accept their behavior. And yet the vast majority do not commit suicide. Therefore, criticism or rejection, including bullying, cannot be blindly accepted as the cause for gay suicides.
A study called “Risk Factors for Attempted Suicide in Gay and Bisexual Youth” (G. Remafedi, 1999), reports that for every year a young person puts off labeling himself gay, the risk of suicide decreases by 20% (See Of course activists do not want this known. We once asked a youth counselor at Utah Pride if she ever tried to dissuade a young teenager from labeling himself gay quite yet and there was total silence on the other end of the phone.

Rather than disapproval or perceived rejection from one’s family or church, could it be that there are hidden factors at work that contribute to gay youth suicides? How about encouragement to adopt a popularized but unnatural sexual label? How about addiction to soul-killing same-sex pornography? How about being introduced by adults to behaviors too heinous to mention in polite society? How about being told they are forever homosexual and thinking they will never have a normal family life? How about hearing over and over that gays commit suicide if they aren’t accepted by their family or church? How about confusion, self-loathing, depression, and guilt coming from a young person’s own dark thoughts and behaviors with no hope or resources for deliverance in sight?

As we’ve been hearing, some believe no “serious crisis [should] go to waste.” Given the above considerations, we should be highly skeptical of sexual activists’ exploitation of any person’s violence against himself.

-Janice Graham

Also see “Is ‘gay’ agenda to blame for teen suicides?” by Linda Harvey at

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Doesn’t Go Far Enough

By Dr. Tom Snyder, Editor

Congress and the Pentagon are considering this week whether to make homosexual behavior legal in the military.

Well, before they do that, maybe they should look at this recent study from the Family Research Institute back in January, based on real crime statistics from the Dept. of Defense (DOD).

According to the study, a homosexual male serviceman in the U.S. Armed Forces is more than five times likely to rape a fellow serviceman than a serviceman to rape a servicewoman, and a lesbian soldier or sailor is 10 to 20 times more like to rape another servicewoman than a servicewoman is to assault a serviceman, according to the DOD’s own figures on actual sexual assaults in the military.

These findings echo other studies showing that homosexuals and lesbians are three to four times or more, more likely to engage in child sexual abuse than heterosexual men and women.

The rape figures are extrapolated from two DOD studies in 2007 and 2008 of sexual assaults in the military.

These findings show why everyone must stop the new move by the new moves in Congress, the Pentagon and the Obama administration to allow homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military.

By the way, a homosexual teacher is 16 times more likely to sexually assault a student than a heterosexual male teacher, and a lesbian teacher is about three times more apt to do this than a straight female teacher.

“In country after country,” says Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Family Research Institute, a think tank in Colorado Springs, “a gay teacher is the most apt to molest a pupil, Likewise, in newly released data from the Illinois Dept. of Children & Family Services, a gay foster parent and a gay adoptive parent is the most apt to molest a [child].

“Without exception, whether it is a teacher, a foster parent, or an adoptive parent, a man is more apt to molest than a woman. Also without exception, an adult who engages in homosexuality is more apt to molest a pupil, a foster child, or an adoptive child than one who doesn’t.”

The God of the Bible, in Leviticus 18:1-30, clearly says that such sexual immorality as homosexual behavior is wicked. And, in Mark 7:20-23, Jesus Christ clearly says that all forms of sexual immorality or sexual practices violating God’s laws, including homosexuality, are evil. Furthermore, Paul, Jude and John echo Christ’s condemnation of homosexuality in such verses as Romans 1:18-32, Jude 1:4, 7, 19, and Revelation 21:27.

The Good News is that, as Paul makes clear in 1 Corinthians 6:11, all wicked sinners, including those who engage in homosexual lust and homosexual acts, can be redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, who died on the Cross and rose from the dead to deliver us from all sin.

Thus, the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policies should not be abolished. They should actually be made even stronger. The government should not publicly or privately promote homosexual behavior. It should condemn it!

But, it’s up to the Church of Christ (i.e., anyone who calls himself a Christian) to tell the wicked sinner, including himself, about the repentance, forgiveness, redemption, transformation, sanctification, and continual renewal available through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh.

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