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Our country is embroiled in a cultural war.  And the foot soldiers are you!  This blog written primarily by Dr. Ted Baehr and Dr. Tom Snyder is designed to keep you informed about the war raging in our government, our legal system, our media and in our homes.

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  • David R. P. Simpkins:

    I have signed the petition to ABC you had in WND but I do not think you are approaching this right. You should be addressing the petition to Disney (ABC parent company) and include in the petition that we will immediately boycott Disneyland, Disney products, ABC and any company that sponsors the show, i.e. David Letterman was taken down and made to apologize to Sarah Palin. Had he not done so he would have been off the air!

    I do not belong to any organized religion but if people that claim to be “Christians” were to use their purchasing power they could take control of this country back to when it was a truly a “Christian” nation as it was founded.

    Being a Christian is more than going to a house of worship on Sunday and paying “lip service” to Jesus Christ for “show”. I can find no place in the Bible where he said it would be easy being a Christian and telling your children they cannot go to Disneyland or have that Disney product IS NOT child abuse, it is called being a parent and standing up for and displaying
    Christian values.

    This show being developed is straight out of the Communist plan of the 30″s to take over America from within. If you are not familiar with it, I can direct you to it. You can see how have they have achieved virtually all of the steps of the plan and it is now in the final stage. Whether their plan succeeds or fails now is truly dependent on people that call themselves “Christians” actually being Christians. For example a “good” Christian man I worked with was proselytizing to me about going to Church and all the while he was putting a light bulb in his lunch box (at work)to take home(stealing). If you are not a Christian in the small things of life, you WILL NOT be a Christian in the big things of life and taking back our country depends on “in fact” not “for show”

    David R. P. Simpkins

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